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My Walk Through Jane Austen's World

If you follow me on Instagram you're probably sick of me posting about my trip to Jane Austen's House Museum in England last fall. Well, get over it. We arrived jet-lagged and exhausted after a weekend stopover in Amsterdam (more on that in a future post). After figuring out the left-side driving business we cruised in our little Fiat to Alton and it was so surreal I had to pinch myself. I felt as if I had stepped directly into fiction and Mr. Darcy or the Dashwood sisters would come walking over the horizon any minute. The roundabouts. The green, English countryside. The Land Rovers everywhere! I was in heaven. I stepped out of the car in front of a magnificent field of tall grass and gold.

January STUDY - Jane Austen

Drum roll.... January's study will be JANE AUSTEN. My heroine. Like any book-lover with a heart I have always loved Jane's work - I'm a sucker for romance. Her words are poetry. She's not only inspiring because of her writing but also her life story. During a recent trip to England I was able to visit the Jane Austen House Museum, walk the streets of Oxford, and see her final resting place (more about this in a future post). That incredible trip influenced this course of Study. I'll be reporting on my blog and Instagram. Join me if you'd like! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Women hold an incredible power. I think the pendulum is finally starting to (slowly) shift and swing our way

A Study of Women Writers

As 2017 came to a close, I was depressed when I thought of my TBR list not really changing. Oops! Reading had sadly taken the back burner. Granted, I finally published New City, and that took a lot of time but reading brings me so much joy and inspiration as a writer. I love stories. I love connecting with characters. I love connecting to writers. I love how books feel in my hands and how pages feel when I turn them. Like most of you, I have BIG plans for this year! At the beginning we all have big goals, big dreams, and loads of motivation. I've devised a plan to keep me on track with the goal to READ MORE. (First of all - Less Netflix! I mean really, how many times should a person watch