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What Will People Think

"Anxiety is the worst use of your imagination. Creativity is the best." - Deepak Chopra If you have ever been afraid to do something because of these four words, "What will people think?" then I can definitely tell you that you're not alone. I've been thinking about this recently and so I wanted to write about it - because writing is how I process pretty much everything. As a creator, it can be terrifying to put your work out into the world. There are trolls everywhere and they tend to think that they're freedom of speech gives them the freedom to hurt others with their words. You know the people I'm talking about... I have two points I want to make in writing what I'm writing, if for n

The Art of Making Art

I've spoken to artists of multiple mediums and have come to the conclusion that perfectionism is detrimental to art. In the process of getting my novel complete and "perfect" before publication I have come across many flaws, typos, and other issues. Those things definitely need to be fixed in order for the book to be readable and professional. I am doing my best to do "fix" things but what I see happening is my creative self is stifled as my editor, my business woman side has to take center stage to get stuff done. That type-A part of my personality, that I didn't know existed, is really good at finding things that are wrong! Is this a defense mechanism? Is this me being paranoid that