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Although her military husband promises this is that last time he'll deploy, Sadie Wright struggles as the threat of war is now a reality. With Sam gone and communication scarce, Sadie fights a battle of her own. She hangs on to every letter. 

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Natasha Bennett is content enough with life, but continuously looks to the future.   With pregnancy avoiding her and her thirties almost over, the contentment is fading as things aren't going as planned. At work she'd use her paralegal skills to unravel the truth with facts or argue it, but in life she can't admit the reason she feels life is lacking. 

Marcus Bennett would also like to feel something more, but is obsessed with the past. He can't believe he's gotten to this oing of having "marital problems" and is tired of mediocrity. It used to be easy to be in love, but everything got annoyingly hard without his permission. He misses Natasha's contagious laugh-his jokes no longer make her smile. 

A decision has to be made before they grow even more apart. They know that pretending to be happy doesn't equal happiness. When Marcus comes up with a ludicrous idea, Natasha worries it may give him an out rather than salvage their relationship. With nothing more to lose they choose to, quite literally, start over.  

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We learn from an unconventional relationship that, albeit difficult, it's okay to move on after tragedy and that dreams call to us for a reason. Jane and Landon teach each other that the people you surround yourself with become your family. New City is a story about sorrow, pain, and anguish but more importantly healing, joy, and life.

(Available now on Amazon and iBooks)

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Without A Sound is a compilation of poetry, prose, and unaccompanied lyrics.  This book is near and dear to my heart as writing it really helped me find my voice as a writer and share my voice as a woman.  In it you'll find themes of nature, music, and the mysteries of life - my favorite muses.  A little inside info: I wrote many of the pieces in this book while sitting at an old, upright piano I bought at a yardsale for $100.

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