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Motherhood and Writing

I have officially been a mom now for eleven years. (Yikes!) It has been the best and hardest thing I've ever done. Through it all I have continued to write. Writing and motherhood have had an interesting relationship in my life and as I look back I can see how intertwined they are for me. I'm able and driven to do one because of the other and they both inspire me to do my best, keep learning and evolving, and stick with something even when it gets hard. The best part about writing about my motherhood journey is I could be honest with how I was feeling about it - good or bad.

Even though I was always writing about motherhood and the crazy moments and feelings I had about it all, I never wanted to share any of it. It was too vulnerable and real and maybe I was still insecure as a mom. It can take a while for some of us to settle into the lifelong role! Plus, there are enough mommy bloggers out there, I didn't think my view on things needed to be shared, nor was I willing to post pictures of my kids (or myself!) for the public to see. Their hair is never combed, anyway!

Now, things have changed. Over this past year I have started to contribute to, an online magazine full of articles to inspire and support moms but more importantly share/read stories about the crazy, funny, and frustrating things that happen when you're trying to raise humans. I'm not one of those moms that will gush over how tender the moments are or how much I love my kids or how cute they are (though those things are true) but I will tell you the honest truth about the momlife. It's all intermixed. There can be a sweet cuddle after a bath but what we don't see on social media is the s*** storm that hit before bathtime!

It has been fun to write about motherhood and share those writings with fellow, real moms out there in the world.

Visit and check them out. You can enter Dana Hewitt in their search engine or click HERE.

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