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Being a WRITER

The title of "writer" is one I wear proudly but it's something that took me years to get used to saying. After years of being a closet writer behind me I somehow summoned the courage to create a couple of poetry books. After that baby step I took a few bigger steps - sharing manuscripts with friends, joining a writers' group, starting an instagram feed dedicated to my writing life. Getting my work out there really helped me accept the fact that this was more than just a hobby. If the callous on my middle finger isn't enough proof I look at my loads of notebooks, filled with pages that are filled with words. I think of all of the ink that has been bled out of pens and voice memos I've m

Novel Debut!

I am OVER the MOON excited about this novel finally being a real thing! I have been sitting on this secret for a while now. Many late nights swarmed in ink and pages, stressing over commas and spaces, finally over as we are working on PUBLISHING. (gulp!) That word gives me the chills. Isn't the artwork absolutely lovely? Once you're able to read the book you will see how perfectly Makell Wintle captured the feeling within. This book will be launching sometime this fall so stay tuned! And be sure to contact me if you'd like to sign up for a book tour stop.