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Vulnerable Creativity

Oh creativity - You clever little minx, you. Living a creative life has always been something that made me feel whole. That being said, there can be a back side to all of that, a dark side of the moon that no one thinks to explore first. It's a good thing we don't. If we went through what might happen when we share that creative work before making our art, the art will never be made. At least mine wouldn't. I have to be free before I can be vulnerable.

Creative vulnerability surprised me. It drew people closer that I needed; they were excited about my process, wanted to know my muse, and they were over the top supportive. It also silenced those I thought would show the most support.

When you show your true colors, others show theirs. As comforting as that should sound, it can be a scary place to be in. But also - how wonderful to live in this scary, vulnerable state that is so full of true color.

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