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Five Questions With Dana

  • Do you have a favorite band or musician based off of lyrics? -Based off of lyrics only, I'd have to say Trevor Hall. Right now in my life his words comfort me and speak to a deep part of my soul. With the way the world is going right now it's nice to hear his light shine through the words that he sings.

  • What is your favorite time-sucking app? -Instagram wins this one, hands down. I follow a lot of travelers and get serious FOMO looking at their posts. But I also use it for writing promotion and to keep me honest and motivated in my writing life. My personal account is basically my journal right now so, unfortunately, I spend way too much time on there. I delete the app every once in a while to take a break.

  • Do you have a favorite place to go to be alone and think/be? -I haven't had a lot of this since moving states the last year but I can pretty much zone out in any cafe or coffee shop with my headphones in & a book or notebook in front of me. If I need a minute to myself I'll sneak off and sit on the back deck. We have a pretty great view of the mountains out there and it's easy to feel peace.

  • What is your current favorite inspirational quote? -Dreams don't work unless you do. This changed my life and how I spend my free time. I "work" a lot more these days as a writer and I'm finally able to see that all of the time I put into it comes back to me, in the form of books, people reacting to those books, or conversations with other writers I wouldn't have met otherwise. I had to make my hobby a bit more like work, respect it like a job, in order to live the dream instead of keep dreaming about it.

  • Who is a favorite author of yours and why? - This is another hard one. Jane Austen has always been a writer that I've loved. She's quite a heroine of mine, actually, which is why the main character in New City is named Jane. She's such a romantic and lived her fantasies through her writing. I was recently able to visit a few places where she lived, walked, and wrote - which made me love and appreciate her creativity even more. I know what it's like to be in a small town, imagining a different life or a different world from that around me. This next year I'm going to study her work more in-depth and learn from her. I'm quite excited about it.

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